"You are not accidental. The world needs you. Without you, something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it."


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Anonymous asked:
what does art mean to you


Art is life.

Art is a way to make history, express yourself with no care for judgment or critique from anyone. The only opinion about your creations that matters is that artist’s. We have revolutionary art that has changed the culture of our world & we have the many other artists who haven’t had such a big impact and I’m eager to view and experience all the creations. Art also gives humans a break from “reality”, a very good way to release stress pertaining to particular subject that you can elaborate on through you art form. We can now share our art instantly via these social platform and show it to the world while in the comfort of our own studio/bedroom. Art pertains to so many different types of artistry as well, don’t limit the term to only painting, sketching & sculpting. We have music artists, visual artists, designers, directors, painters, etc.

Art allows the mentally troubled to free the mind & lay out their vulnerabilities; their past, their emotions, their love story, etc.

Art is life.

Check out some unique art by @rbatzz.


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